About Taxi Gortyn

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The history of Gortyn

Gortyn is 45 km from Heraklion Crete (about 40 minutes drive). It has been built in the Mesara plain, where the first people in Crete are believed to have lived somewhere in the late Neolithic period. It is one of the most important cities of Crete and one of the largest archaeological sites in Greece with 6,000 years of history.

In Gortina in the 6th century AD one of the first churches of Christianity, the famous temple of Saint Titus, whose ruins exist until today, was anointed. Important finds in Gortyna are the Pretorio, which was the seat of the Roman governor in Crete, the Roman Baths, the Temple of Apollo and the temple of the Egyptian deities. The Roman Theater is another important breakthrough. Behind the theater there are large slabs of stone, on which the laws of Gortyn are engraved. The coins that were cut in ancient Gortyn were also significant. Three coins have been found since the 4th century BC, one from the 3rd and the 2nd from the 2nd - 1st century BC. The four depict Europe and one the head of Zeus or Minos.

There are several versions for the naming of Gortyn. The one that prevails says that the name was taken by Gortyn, the son of the royal King of Phaistos and his brother, Minos. One of the myths says that Zeus fled to Gortyn when he stole Europe from Lebanon, disguised as a bull. Jupiter and Europe acquired three children. The kings of the three Minoan palaces of Crete.